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Send Help, Our Drain is Blocked!

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It sounds like another unfortunate citizen has become victim to the dreaded blocked drain. The mushy, gurgling sound and the gradual increase in water levels with each flush; any minute now and their home could be flooded. But who can save them? Why… Plumber to the Rescue can! Our super plumber Annandale can handle any Blocked Drains Annandale, so you can expect timely and efficient service every time.

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Over 30 Years of Saving Sydney Residents

Throughout our 30 years of serving Sydney, we’ve become acquainted with all types of home plumbing infrastructures. We’re committed to performing timely and efficient work with each service we provide, including staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and solutions. No matter how your drainage system operates, we have the tools and equipment necessary to isolate the problem and remove the source of the blockage. Whether you require urgent assistance with your Blocked Drains Annandale or suspect something may be starting to occur, we can assist you with any query you may have.

24 Hour Response to All Emergencies

We know you don’t have time to deal with faulty plumbing systems, and blocked drains can occur at any time. This is why our services operate on a 24/7 basis, so whether you’re experiencing trouble during the day or late at night; we’ll be there to help you out of any situation.

Whether you book an appointment with us online or call our emergency services on 1800 620 227, we’ll provide you with an estimated time of arrival for your technician. This way, you know exactly how long it will take for us to arrive and when the problem will be fixed.

We’re dedicated to providing you with timely and efficient assistance, so we guarantee same day service, any day of the week. And thanks to our GPS tracking system, we can provide you with an estimated time of arrival for your plumber, so you’ll know exactly when to expect a visit from us.

All the Latest Tools and Equipment

Each emergency vehicle we send out is equipped with the latest tools and accessories needed to service any kind of household plumbing system. When dealing with a myriad of potential problems, including tree root infiltration, foliage build-up, large object obstructions and other potential hazards; it’s necessary to have the tools that are capable of accessing any plumbing system.

While commercially available products can remove minor obstructions and provide temporary relief, an industrial-grade machine that’s capable of reaching and directly removing the source of the problem is a quick and convenient advantage, which simply isn’t possible with most other methods.

Proudly Helping the Citizens of Annandale

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We work daily with the Annandale community to help solve their plumbing issues. A blocked drain can instantly ruin a productive day, so it’s our duty to ensure that you we provide swift and efficient service every time. Annandale is a friendly community and it’s always a pleasure to work together with each and every resident we encounter.

Service You Can Depend On

Plumber to the Rescue is a proudly Australian-owned business and we’ve been helping Sydney residents for over 30 years. Our unparalleled experience is part of each service we offer; from our friendly customer support, advanced equipment and technology, and our 24/7 emergency support and assistance. We understand you don’t have time to deal with disruptive plumbing issues, so let us do the work for you!

If you’re experiencing Blocked Drains Annandale and need rescuing. Make an appointment with us using our online booking form or calling us directly on 1800 620 227. At Plumber to the Rescue, no job is too big or small for us to handle!

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