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Blocked Toilet Bondi

Blocked Toilet Bondi

When they’ve got a blocked toilet Bondi residents know to call us first! For speedy, same-day service, long-term solutions and 24/7, 365 emergency repairs, we’re on standby to unclog any loo. We’ve got 30 years of experience in all kinds of blocked toilet mishaps, and we’re always ready to rescue you!

You might flinch when the loo clogs – that’s fair enough! Clearing a blocked toilet is messy and a DIY can make things worse than they started. Call the team who know drains: we’re the Blocked Drain Experts©! Our team are ready to clear your blocked toilet Bondi wide, on standby on 1800 620 227! Call today or click here to book a job online.

For a limited time only, we’re also offering $50 any work completed by one of our local Bondi plumbers! To take advantage of this special offer quote the voucher code PWEB50 when you call!

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Your Clogged Loo Experts

With over 30 years of unclogging toilets in Bondi, we’re your local blocked loo experts. It’s what we’re all about: sustainable, long-term solutions to serious toilet woes! When it comes to toilets that won’t flush, toilets not draining, or toilets clogging after use, you need the expert advice and service of Plumber To The Rescue.

We’re proud of our Bondi team! So proud, in fact, that we’ll stand by any work completed by our team and offer you a 100% Lifetime Guarantee on work we complete! This means, should any problems arise from the initial work completed by your friendly plumber Bondi way, you’ve got the knowledge that we’ll come back and mop up those last niggling doubts.

24/7 Service

We know a clogged toilet can strike any time day or night, any day of the year – so our plumbers in Bondi are ready to go, year round, night or day! We’ve got the 365, 24/7 service that you can rely on when your toilet gurgles, blocks, or won’t flush.

Our vans are tracked with GPS and we’re always close by: we can pinpoint the nearest plumber to your property and get them to you ASAP! No more waiting around for a lazy tradesman: call the team with on-time, same-day service, 365 days of the year.

Up Front Quotes

Our honesty and transparency when it comes to quotes is legendary. We’ll always provide an upfront quote, but only after inspecting the work so we can give you a clear, true-to-life evaluation of the costs and materials involved in your job.

We’ll never deviate from this quote! Even if the work takes longer than expected, we’ll always honour our initial quote, and we’ll always stick by our work. You can relax, knowing there won’t be a nasty shock when it comes time to settle the bill!

Expert Plumbers Bondi

We’ve got 30 years of experience servicing Bondi and the North West region. We’re in a unique position there – it’s rare for another team to be able to boast of the depth and breadth of our team’s expertise!

We’ve seen every kind of blocked toilet, from toilets clogged with wet wipes, to toilets clogged with excess waste, and we’re beyond getting grossed out. We lay down protective sheeting around work sites to keep the nasty stuff off your floors!

If you need a time who work safely and efficiently, you need Plumber To The Rescue. We’ve actually won awards for our commitment to OH&S, and give weekly training to our Bondi plumbers to upskill them, get them up-to-date on the latest in plumbing tech and techniques, and keep everyone at a level where they can solve any plumbing headache.

Clogged Toilet Bondi

Plenty of things can clog a toilet! Sometimes it’s just a matter of – well, too much of what nature provides. If it’s not toilet paper or biodegradable waste, it’s really not meant for your loo. Toilets block when anything like wet wipes, feminine hygeine products, nappies or whatever other unflushable material enters the system.

Keep wet wipes out of the pipes! Even if they claim to be flushable (they’re not, trust us), they can cause blockages by killing off the bacteria that does the sewer’s work for it. Ever heard of a fatberg? Avoid a plumbing nightmare in Bondi, and keep your pipes clear of anything that doesn’t belong.

When To Call A Plumber

As soon as your loo starts gurgling, your toilet won’t flush, or there’s an excess build-up of waste, it’s time to call the local plumber Bondi trusts. A blockage in a toilet can cascade into a serious long-term problem: the health effects not withstanding, not even the ‘ick’ factor – it can lead to some seriously blocked drains.

Get in early, and intervene with one of our local expert plumbers in Bondi, and you’re in with a fighting chance of avoiding an onoging plumbing nightmare! With 24/7 service, 365 days of the year, we’re the team to call first for any blocked toilet in Bondi! 

Bondi’s Local Experts

Blocked Toilet Bondi

When we’re not busy unclogging your blocked toilet Bondi way, our team can be found chilling in the relaxed atmosphere of the family friendly parks and shopping centres that dot this lovely corner of the Eastern Suburbs.

Made up of a mix of families of various ages, including young families, recently arrived families and older households that have been here for generations, Bondi escapes the bustle of city life while still offering great community atmosphere and awesome opportunities for work, close enough even for the CBD commute – not to mention the amazing beaches!

When plumbing problems are interrupting your life in classy Bondi, you need the team at Plumber To The Rescue!

Call today on 1800 620 227 and see the difference 30 years of experience can make! Or click here to book a job online – and remember to quote voucher code PWEB50 for your special $50 off any completed work! Always call the team who repair what your husband “fixed”!

We’re always ready to rescue you!

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