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Dig Up Pipe Relining Inner West

Plumber to the Rescue is based in St Peters, a suburb within the Inner West of Sydney. We are nearby to any Inner Western suburb and ready to rescue you particularly if you need some pipe repairs and relining.

We have developed a stellar reputation within the Inner Western community and continue to add to this reputation.

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Pipe Relining Specialists Inner west

We provide the customer with on the spot fixed quotes. The price quoted doesn’t change regardless of the time taken to complete the job.

Perform our work in a manner that is dependable and reliable. This could involve digging up a problematic pipe and then relining it to ensure the problem doesn’t resurface.

Clean up any mess that was created during the work. This is something we take pride in. Leaving behind nothing but flawless plumbing is our goal.

The way in which we work at plumber to the rescue has been refined over the years to develop into a systematic approach that yields consistently high performance. That is our main goal to provide a solution that leaves both parties satisfied.

Why Choose us?

In a word, punctuality. We pride ourselves at Plumber to the Rescue on being very punctual and on time every time. This adds a lot of value to our customer so we have decided to make it a priority.

With over 30 years of experience of digging up broken pipes and relining them you can be sure you are in safe hands. In order to save face and uphold our reputation over the years without going out of business you can be sure we are doing something right.

Plumber to the Rescue has its headquarters in St Peters which is after all located in the Inner West. This being the case we are close by to just about any suburb in the Inner West.

Plumber to the Rescue is the go to plumber for many Inner West residents. In particular when residents have a problem with a pipe, we are ready to dig it up and perform the relining of it. We have the experience, we are nearby and we are punctual.

Plumber to the Rescue’s Credentials

We have a google rating of 4.7 stars. This is one of our proudest achievements and is a true reflection of the customer satisfaction that our customers have when dealing with plumbers from Plumber to the Rescue.

Plumber to the Rescue has been in business for the past 30 years. We have been servicing Inner West customers for this entire time and have relined and fixed countless broken pipes.

In this time we have completed over 100,000 jobs. This extensive amount of experience has resulted in us developing dependable and experienced tradesmen.

These credentials are attributed to the consistent and hard work that our plumbers have put into their jobs. We certainly do not what to detract from this fine reputation that we have worked so hard to develop.

Our goal is not just to make a quick buck. We want success over the long term. We know the best way to achieve this success is through actually delivering a high level of customer satisfaction. The way we do this is through our flawless plumbing and in particular through the relining and digging up of any busted pipes you may have.

Inner West, Sydney

The Inner West is a vague region given to a cluster of suburbs due west of the Sydney CBD. These suburbs are located for the most part along the banks of the Parramatta River. In particular many suburbs are situated on the southern end of the Parramatta River.

The housing in the Inner West is of a medium to high density. Many suburbs within the Inner West are renowned for their terrace houses which are iconic to Sydney. Particularly the suburbs of Glebe, Newtown and Annandale contain a number of terraced houses.

There are a number of educational campuses in the Inner West. Some of the biggest universities in Australia are located in the Inner West namely Sydney University among others. There are also some of the oldest schools in Sydney in the Inner West Newington College and Rosebank College are among the oldest.

Public transport is available throughout the Inner West. For residents in the Inner West access to public transport is readily available. This includes buses, trains, ferries and light rail. You can get to just about any part of Sydney using these modes of transport.


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