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It’s the holiday season once again! Across the country, party playlists are being compiled, eskies are being filled, and BBQs are being wheeled out and fired up.

There’s nothing quite like the holiday season in an Australian summer!

Yes we love the holiday season, but what about when it’s your turn to play the host? It’s a delicate balancing act, to say the least, but never fear!

We’ve got some excellent advice that will ensure you not only avoid the pitfalls of hosting but that you throw a party that goes down in history as a roaring success!

Read on for our expert tips!


This is the first of many decisions you’ll need to make: indoors or outdoors? Garden BBQ or dinner inside? Both options present their challenges.

If you choose the outdoor BBQ route, the first thing you’ll need to do is ensure that your BBQ is in safe working order. Click here to see our post about BBQ safety and remember, if after testing, you’re concerned about your BBQ, don’t risk using it! 

It’s also important to keep in mind gas safety: again, you can take a look at our other post to see how to use gas safely – and you’ll want to make sure you won’t run out of gas.

There are handy little devices you can get from Bunnings to measure the amount of gas left in your bottle, or you can try calculating the amount of gas left using the tare weight of the bottle. But remember: if in doubt, take your gas bottle to a service station for a refill anyway – it’s better to be safe than sorry!

If you decide to take things inside, remember: nothing is more embarrassing than a party falling flat thanks to an untidy or poorly maintained home. This isn’t just about cleaning – although that’s important – there are a few key aspects of your home that should be up to scratch.

Is your oven working properly? You’re going to be putting it under a lot of strain when cooking for guests, so you need to make sure it’s up to the task.

If you have a gas cooktop, does the gas ignite quickly on all burners? If not, try cleaning the gas outlet holes, as these can often get clogged with food. Even if you have an induction cooktop, do all cooking rings get hot?

As tempting as it is to move your pan to the next burner alone if one doesn’t heat up properly, one malfunctioning burner is a sign of connection issues, or damage which can turn into a full-scale appliance issue. Does the oven heat up quickly and maintain heat well?

Check your fridge, too – the last thing you need is warm beer to offer your guests. If you have a spare fridge in your shed or garage (or anywhere else), now is the time to power it on so it can be used as a backup if your main fridge cracks under the pressure, or, even better, as a beer fridge!

And, don’t forget the dishwasher. Even though you can save on washing up using paper plates, a broken-down dishwasher can be a holiday NIGHTMARE.

This all revolves around some careful planning: make sure you’ve got enough time for each stage, and leave time for contingencies – the longer the better! Also, leave time for shopping and cooking the day BEFORE your guests are due to descend: you want to have as much prepped before the occasion as humanly possible!

When it comes to cooking, do keep in mind dietary requirements. While it can be hard to cater for the cousin of the friend who doesn’t like tomatoes very much, allergies and intolerances should always be catered for.

And it’s nice sometimes to have a decent vegetarian option – these can be very popular!


Having a mix of people at a party is a great way to ensure success. It avoids cliques developing, and can mean mingling is much more comfortable for the most of the guests.

Always plan something to do – even if it’s as simple as directing conversation yourself, or eating at a certain time, having a structure to the event can only be beneficial. Don’t preside – but do force mingling.

Maybe consider assigned seating at the dinner table to encourage conversations that normally wouldn’t happen. If you don’t want to go to all that effort, some simple introductions and icebreakers can do the trick.

If there’s wine or beer, be prepared for ‘that guy’. You know what we mean. Maybe he’s had one too many glasses, or he’s going for another beer when he really should be chilling with a lemonade.

Always keep the number for your nearest taxi service or a decent Uber driver on hand in case you need an emergency evacuation! Try serving tea and coffee or soft drinks regularly to pace out guests who might otherwise not pace themselves too well. Avoid embarrassment!

Do be prepared for a surprise stay-over guest or two. If you’ve organized all the carpooling and taxis and lifts home beforehand, this really shouldn’t present much of an issue.

As frustrating and intrusive as an overnight boarder can be, if you have a designated room or area in which they can crash, then it really presents very little trouble. It could even be a bonus – after all, that’s another pair of hands to help with the cleanup!


If everything’s gone well, this stage should be relatively painless. There are some things you can do to reduce it even further. If you’re having a big party, plan to use paper rather than ceramic plates: save yourself time and energy on the washing up!

Have bins handy for bottles and bottle caps. These especially can grow and spread as the evening progresses – and there’s nothing like stepping on a cap.

Think about setting up a bin near the drinks table to provide a receptacle for empty cups, bottle caps, or even bottles. This can save you from pulling an empty from your lounge three weeks after the New Year!

Remember: a cup of water and 2 tablespoons of ammonia will work on almost any wine stain. Should you have any messy guests, never fear! Your carpets will recover.

Last but not least, remember to take some time to unwind afterward. It’s a stressful business, after all! Holiday burnout is all too real: don’t overcommit, especially if you’re hosting a big party.

Give yourself the chance to calm down, relax, put your feet up, and pat yourself on the back: you’ve hosted a stellar party, and you deserve a break!


We’ve done out best to make the steps above as simple as possible, but please bear in mind that the above information is general and is by no means a substitute for comprehensive professional advice. Before working on your home plumbing, you should always consult a licensed professional.

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