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local_concordPlumber to the rescue has been working efficiently and effectively in Concord for the past 30 years. Our tradesmen are renowned for their timely completion of work as well as their honest dealings.

Concord has been a high activity zone for plumbers and whenever you are in Concord our plumbers are waiting and ready to rescue you!

With GPS tracking we are able to dispatch the nearest plumber in the fastest possible time. This is a great way to increase the timeliness of our plumbers. A plumbing issue is never a positive thing and we want to help you fix it as fast as humanly possible.

Concord is the place where we have left a lot of satisfied customers as seen by the many positive reviews that have been left on google.

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Our Plumbers prioritise trust and honest dealing when it comes to their work. This is also reflected in the life time warranty that is offered for the work being carried out.

If we did not have 100% confidence in our ability to get the job done right the first time we would not offer this warranty. It would simply not be cost effective.

That being said if you are from Concord and are worried about trusting a lone tradesman then the excellent reputation of Plumber to the Rescue should calm your nerves.

Nobody wants the risk of being ripped off by an untrustworthy tradesman. At Plumber to the Rescue we are a reputable and large company. We care deeply about our reputation and know that a solid reputation will be much more beneficial in the long run than making quick cash from a bad job.

No Job Is Too Big or Small

Our experienced plumbers can handle any job. With a 30 year history of plumbing in Concord nothing can surprise us and any problem you may we have has already fixed in the past.

We also offer on the spot quotes so if your job in Concord will be given a fixed quote that will not change regardless of the duration of the task at hand. This ensures that you will not have any unpleasant surprises.

This also gives our tradesmen incentive to do high quality work. If they do it right and get it fixed the first time they will be much better off than if they do sloppy work and do not get it right the first time.

Our plumbers enjoy their work and will make it a priority to finish off each task with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore they are unwilling to leave until the place is spotless. That is, the only thing left behind will be evidence of flawless plumbing.

Fixed Price Guarantee

One of the benefits of using Plumber to the Rescue is having a fixed quote given on the spot. This is to ensure that you the customer are not given any unpleasant surprises on the completion of the job. Thus making Plumber to the Rescue a highly sought after company.

There are many benefits of this to the customer, the main one being that if the job takes longer than expected there will be no additional costs. You pay for the completion of the job and that’s it.

Experienced Tradesmen

The tradesmen for Plumber to the Rescue are highly equipped and capable when it comes to their plumbing services. Each tradesmen carries over 150 specialised tools in their vehicle and are ready to fix any problem that may arise.

Plumber to the Rescue has over 30 years servicing customers in Concord and have built a sturdy reputation. This can be attributed to the hard working and honest tradesmen that are working for us.

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