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Toilet Repairs Eastern suburbs

Do you have a toilet in need of repair? Are you located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney? If you answered yes to the above two questions you are in the right location.

Plumber to the Rescue is renowned for its efficient and effective toilet repairs within the Eastern Suburbs. We have established ourselves as the “go-to-plumber” if your toilet needs to be rescued.

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Eastern Suburbs Toilet Experts

Plumber to the Rescue is 30 years old. We have extensive experience performing toilet repairs in the Eastern Suburbs and are the plumber of choice for many Eastern Suburbs residents.

During these 30 years of experience our plumbers have come to know the Eastern Suburbs residents very well. They have built up a solid reputation for reliability and honest dealing. This has enabled us to continue to satisfy these customers without going out of business.

We are a collective of highly qualified and certified plumbers who are constantly improving their skills. In fact our plumbers receive fortnightly refresher courses on toilet repairs to keep their knowledge and skills up to date.

Our plumbers come out to your residency and inspect the toilet and determine what needs to be repaired and a suitable price for the repairs.

The plumber will provide you with a fixed quote that will not change throughout the duration of the work. This quote is an estimate of the work to be completed and is done to ensure that you are happy with the price before beginning the work.

The Toilet Repair Specialists

We work in a manner that leaves your place spotless. We do not like to inconvenience you by leaving behind a mess so we have made it a part of our culture to clean up after ourselves.

Cleanliness is a promise we make to our customers out of respect for you and your family. We leave nothing behind at your place except for a fixed toilet.

Each of our plumbers comes fully equipped with a van that contains over 150 tools. This enables them to be able to fix your toilet on the spot without having to leave and come back. This saves you both time and money.

Another benefit of using Plumber to the Rescue is the high quality of work that we do. When we work we fix the problem the first time or we come back and do it for free. That’s right, our workmanship is 100% guaranteed so you don’t have to worry about being ripped off by a poorly skilled plumber.

At Plumber to the Rescue we have completed over 100,000 jobs. During the 30 years we have been in business we have seen literally every plumbing job that can occur. There is very little that will surprise us.

If you are looking for an experienced and honest tradesmen then you are in the right place. We are so confident in our quality and expertise that we will come back and fix your toilet for free if the same problem recurs.

Another benefit of using Plumber to the Rescue is that we provide punctual service. Our certified plumber will call you 30 minutes prior to arriving and notify you of their whereabouts. This punctuality is important to us because we know that in today’s busy world time is of the essence.

Each of our plumbers carries with them a GPS tracking device. This GPS tracking device allows us to monitor each of our plumber’s location. This means we can alert the nearest plumber to your location and dispatch them instantaneously.

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