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Got that special someone in your life who thinks they know a bit of plumbing? Husband, girlfriend, dad, mum, fella from down the road – whoever it is rolling up their sleeves and pulling out the toolkit, they’re probably going to muck things up more. It’s like that time that “mate” “repaired” the taps – you’ve got water gushing everywhere, a broken sink, and a puddle of shame and regret forming on the bathroom floor. Seriously, don’t put your stock in a DIY hero – no matter how brave, or how committed they are, they simply won’t do the job to the same degree. We’re the experts: with over 30 years saving Sydney residents from their plumbing nightmares, we’re well up the ladder from your neighbour when it comes time to fix up your plumbing.

Call today on 1800 620 227, or click here to book a job online, and be ready – when we say we can repair what your husband “fixed”, we mean it.

Trustworthy Tradesmen

Our team have years of experience. Each of our plumbers are fully qualified and certified to carry out their work – unlike your friend with the spanner. With refresher courses every week to keep their skills right up to the minute, our team are the guys to call when your plumbing takes a turn for the worse.

On Time Every Timeuntitled design 1 

Did that promise to “do something” about the clogged toilet ever eventuate? We get it, life is a busy thing – too short to attempt a plumbing DIY. Sydney residents know that when they need on-time service, every time. With GPS tracking on all of our vans, we can pinpoint the nearest technician to your job and dispatch them immediately.

You don’t have time to waste in a plumbing emergency – it’s time to call a plumber before your problems grow! When your brother says he’ll be there Sunday to fix the pipes, you know deep down he means Sunday week – Sunday in a fortnight – maybe in a couple of months. Don’t wait around for someone with less experience when the plumbers are ready to go! 

Up Front, Fixed Prices

We’re honest with our pricing. We quote after inspecting work, and will stick to that quote – even when the job takes longer than expected! With our honest quoting and hard work, you’ll know you’re not stuck with a dodgy freebie – or, worse, stuck repaying a favour that didn’t fix anything. Call the experts on 1800 620 227!

Clean Work

So you’ve got that somewhat special someone who just doesn’t know how to not leave a mess. Say they’re unclogging the loo – maybe, at best, they’ve put down some paper towel or a sheet of newspaper. Don’t be stuck cleaning up – call the team who’ll leave their worksite exactly as they found it, with the only difference being some improved plumbing!

You don’t have time to be cleaning up after your DIY hero. It’s time to call the plumbers who keep their work areas tidy, and leave only one sign they’ve been in your home: flawless plumbing.

Guaranteed – For Life

No one else can offer this. Not a friend, not a neighbour, not even that DIY expert among DIY experts. No matter how many Plumbing For Dummies manuals you’ve flicked through, you’re still not insured for your work. We are!

We offer a lifetime warranty on any job we complete, meaning that if there’s ever a problem again, we’ll come back and fix it for free. Our guaranteed work means that you can rest easy with some peace of mind, knowing we’ve worked hard and efficiently to provide the best long-term solution to your plumbing woes! 

We’re always ready to rescue you!sydneys blocked drain experts

We’re on the go 24/7. With afterhours service, even at dinner time – when no one wants to think about attempting a potentially filthy DIY – we’re always there for you when you need us the most. Our tradesmen have experience in all kinds of emergency plumbing – from burst pipes to blocked drains, overflowing toilets to exploding sinks.

If there’s something strange going down with your plumbing, don’t wait to call. We’re always ready, and can deal with your woes while you relax! 

It's All About Experience

30 years of experience is a lot. That’s three decades of plumbing, emergency plumbing, installing hot water and rescuing Sydney from plumbing nightmares. We’re the plumber Sydney trusts for the best service, every time. It’s no accident we can offer that lifetime guarantee: our plumbers are the most experienced in the trade, so we’re the team to call for experienced, ready-to-go service!

Call Now

We’re the team who fix what your husband repaired. When there’s a plumbing disaster that needs more than the basics, it’s time to call your plumber. Reliable, ready, experienced – the Plumber To The Rescue technicians are the team who are always on the go, always ready to solve your plumbing nightmares. So call now – 1800 620 227 – or you can book a job online here. Let your worries wash away!

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