What Causes Blocked Drains


Are you sick and tired of the mess when your drains block or fed up with the time and effort it take to get them unblocked?  

Do you ever think “How can I prevent my kitchen and bathroom drains from getting blocked?”, “The toilet is making that gurgling sound again, does this mean it’s gonna block up again?” or “Is there any way to avoid smelly gurgling drains?”. 

To solve the mystery that is blocked drains Plumber to the Rescue want to give you some insider tips on the tell tale signs will help you identify the likelihood of a blockage in the near future. Make sure you look out for the following stop prevent drainage disasters in your home.

  • Sewer smell or smelly drains
  • Gurgling drains and pipes, especially if your toilet gurgles when it is flushed
  • Small sewer flies in the area around the drain
  • Drains where the waste water is slow to drain away or doesn’t drain at all, otherwise known as slow flowing drains

One of the major issues with blocked drains is that you don’t have control of the situation because you can’t see what’s going on inside the actual pipe without a pipe inspection camera. Luckily, these pipe inspection cameras are part of our standard tool kit; they enable us to pinpoint where exactly in the pipe your problem is and what the cause is.

One of the apartment blocks we regularly service in Sydney recently had a very unhappy resident with sewerage flooding into her lounge room!  It happened when she wasn’t home so she couldn’t call Plumber To The Rescue for help immediately. Unfortunately, this gave the overflowing drain time to cause a great deal of damage to her unit.   Even worse, it could have been avoided; the resident said she had heard the drains gurgling during the week before the flood, but she didn’t think anything of it. If only she had known gurgling drains are a major warning sign of worse to come!

We have seen so many beautiful homes where blocked drains have led to sewerage overflowing and destroying everything inside. Imagine your living room, kitchen and even bedrooms flooded with waste! When you think about the inconvenience and cost of getting your furniture and your other belongings replaced, ignoring a gurgling drain or smelly drains is just not worth the risk. 


Now for the nitty gritty… reasons why your sewer system may be blocked: 

  • A buildup of daily refuse
  • Drain destroyers such as baby wipes, napkins, tissues, kitty litter, vegetable matter, grease, straws, hair and  kids’ toys
  • Pipes that have collapsed and caved in due to tree root pressure
  • Tree roots enter damaged joints, or cracks in old earthenware clay pipes
  • We’ve even rescued mobile phones

Here at Plumber to the Rescue, we guarantee that we can rescue you from these and other types of plumbing or drainage disasters.  So, if you notice any of those tell tale signs of a blocked drain or you’re worried about anything to do with your plumbing, call us straight away and we’ll rescue you before the drain becomes a pain.  We will either blast the line with a high pressure water jet to remove the blockage or use an electric eel to cut the blockage out.  Either way we will save the day!  Afterwards we’ll even clean up the mess and our lifetime guaranteed blocked drains service is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.


We’ve done out best to make the steps above as simple as possible, but please bear in mind that the above information is general and is by no means a substitute for comprehensive professional advice. Before working on your home plumbing, you should always consult a licensed professional.

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