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We’re Sydney plumbing experts, and we’re proud to say we’ve been members of the Master Plumbers Association for over 30 years! Not only does this put us among the elite of the elite, it’s also a membership that shows our commitment to ethical plumbing and customer relations.

We’re really excited to say our team are all committed to the central goals of the MPA. This association of specialists is devoted to improving community health, protecting the environment, and ensuring public safety.

We really are part of something amazing – the real plumbers to the rescue!


Only the best plumbers can join the Master Plumbers Association. It takes years of service and expertise before the Association will accept a team into its ranks – and you have to prove your commitment to the core ethics.

So you know you can trust us.

We’ve demonstrated time and time again our commitment to keeping Sydney residents’ water, sanitation and gas plumbing safe, effective and reliable. Our team are all highly trained and qualified for the job, and work to meet the high standards the Association sets for all members.

Stringent rules govern membership and who can and can’t become an associate. We’re proud to say we’ve met and exceeded the requirements, and have been part of the Association for over 30 years.


Not only does the Association lobby to protect sanitation, it also protects you, our customers, from dodgy, unscrupulous dealers. A plumber who isn’t a member hasn’t demonstrated their commitment to a high standard of work and ethical conduct.

What’s more, with over 30 years of membership, we’ve maintained that high standard that got us entry in the first place. We’re not mucking about: we work hard to make sure we meet the standards set by the Master Plumbers, and keep your plumbing up to the highest standard.

When you trust Plumber To The Rescue, you’re in good company; our work has been endorsed through our membership of the Association, placing us high above our nearest competitors. Our team have shown over and over that they’re the leaders of the pack, the best of the bunch.

So don’t rely on a team who haven’t been registered with the Master Plumbers: call the experts. Call us and we'll help you make the switch today!

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Plumber To The Rescue has literally thousands of happy customers who return to us again and again. Who have done the research, read the reviews and rely on us to get any plumbing work they have, sorted. Whether its a runny tap or a complete bathroom renovation. We can do it all and are available 24/7.

You've tried the rest, now try the best. We cover all of Sydney so if there is an area you aren't sure we cover, we do! Guaranteed workmanship and fair upfront pricing ensures we are always ready to come out to your home or business and address your plumbing issue.

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