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Drought Aid | Please Help Rescue Our Farmers!

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In Sydney our skies are filled with smoke and we’re on level 2 water restrictions, the toughest for the area in a decade!  But these are small inconveniences compared to how hard our farmers and the surrounding communities of New England District have it.

Armidale for example has been on level 5 water restrictions since the beginning of October! 



To get a better understanding of what our farmers are dealing with, we reached out to community members in Armidale and the amazing Country Women’s Association, who have done so much for the local communities, their responses were more than grim! 

The farms are so dry from the lack of rain that the fields are nothing but dust and cracked clay, there isn't even enough stubble for stock feed.

The dams are basically dried up. So low in fact most farmers have had to fence them off, so cattle don't walk into them, get stuck and die. 

Farms with livestock are struggling to keep them alive on feed pellets, hand fed to them every other day, the price of which is astronomical.

Worst still some of these farmers, who are often working by themselves all day every day, are in their 70’s! All plans for retirement out the door.

Not only are these tired farmers working harder than ever, but the costs of just field firekeeping their farms afloat are astronomical. With no hay or water to give their livestock, farmers are forced to buy feed pellets and water on top of the large number of everyday expenses, bills and debts they already have. 

And now with fires surrounding them the devastation just gets worse! 

We Asked How Can We Help?

And the simplest answer was to donate and help Drought Aid, an organisation run by Sydney woman Jaclyn Bold, with the goal of getting direct help and the right help to drought affected residents in the New England District, a highly populated area suffering through drought and now fires!  


Drought Aid

Drought Aid is helping our farmers and their communities by using the donations sent to them to purchase supplies in the drought affected towns of New England District.

By doing this the assistance is doubled - The local businesses receive an injection of much needed cash for their local economy to help them stay open. They can pay wages, keep people employed and spend in other local businesses. The food, water and supplies will still reach those in need but will make a much larger impact.

Every $$$ makes a difference. starving sheep

Along with raising money Drought Aid is also collecting & delivering donations of water & food, while encouraging travel to drought affected towns, such as Armidale, Guyra & Glen Innes to help the local economy further still. 

Urgent Rescue for Our Farmers

Here at PETTR we have made it our goal to raise $10,000 for their cause through donations from staff, clients and friends. To hit this goal we will match dollar for dollar on donations up to our goal!

If you wish to help us reach our goal and help a bunch of hard-working farmers, head over to our fundraising page and donate there!


For more info on Drought Aid check out their Facebook Page.

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