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ellee magazing plumbing tips from our plumbers

As experts with over 30 years of experience with Sydney plumbing, we’re used to helping people with their blocked drains, hot water and anything else involving plumbing.

So it came as no surprise when Elle Magazine asked if we could give them the professional’s opinion on the best way to unblock a toilet.

Read below for the full article where Ray Dickinson, our very own Super Plumber, gives 3 simple and effective tips to try next time your toilet is blocked. Read the full article below the image. Or even better, you can click here to view or download the article as a PDF so you can use the tips in future!

Don’t forget, if you’re unable to unblock it within 20 minutes using the tips below, your blockage may be serious and it’s time to call the professionals. We offer same day, on time service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so if you need help with your blocked drains, call us on 1800 620 227 and we will rescue you!


We’ve done out best to make the steps above as simple as possible, but please bear in mind that the above information is general and is by no means a substitute for comprehensive professional advice. Before working on your home plumbing, you should always consult a licensed professional.

The key to keeping costs low on your plumbing is identifying faults whilst they are still minor and easily fixable, before they become larger problems, which cause serious damage to your heater or your property – not to mention the safety risks.

At best, a hot water heater malfunction can be a frustrating nuisance; at worst, it can literally explode, which could spell disaster for your home.

Regular maintenance of your hot water heater is a great way to save in the long run. But there are some jobs that really should be left to the experts; heaters are delicate and temperamental, and can be dangerous if you’re not careful.

A DIY inspection is a great first step; but the expertise of your local superhero plumbers Sydney wide, you’re always in safe hands. We’ve got 30 years of experience saving Sydney from hot water heater disasters!

Check your heater manual; on average, manufacturers recommend a professional investigation every year or two. This investigation will turn up any issues that may be invisible to the untrained eye!

What’s more, with fully stocked vans on the go 24/7, the team at Plumber To The Rescue can repair or replace your heater that day, and get your water back on track.

Your local Plumber To The Rescue Sydney plumber is the plumber Sydney trusts for every hot water job.

With amazing customer care keeping you in the loop the whole way through, you won’t be in the dark; we’ll keep you in the know every step of the job, from the time you call until it comes time to settle the bill, and it comes time for you to enjoy your new hot water heater.

Never fear the cold shower again: Plumber To The Rescue is here! Contact us now, or call 1800 620 227 for more information.

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