Tips For Hosting Holidays


The holiday season can be a stressful time. We’re not just talking about drunken uncles or the unfortunate three-in-the-afternoon political debate. There’s so much more that can go pear-shaped at an event.

Both Christmas events and New Year’s parties can run into all sorts of problems.

Whether it’s plumbing or electrical problems, a social faux pas, or the unwanted intrusion of advice from a less-than-reliable relative, the holiday season is fraught with risky business.

Keep in mind we’re open 24/7 over the holiday period, should you run into any plumbing or electrical issues – call us on 1800 620 227 and we’ll get to you ASAP. But, as plumbers and electricians, we’re not just super-tradies: we’re party gurus.

The easy way out is to rely on someone else to host. But, maybe it’s your turn – or you drew your name out of the hat, or you’ve even taken the brave step of choosing to hold an event.

No matter what, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Here are our top 3 tips to keep it simplekeep it cleanand keep it comfortable.


This means not overstaying your welcome, lending a helping hand (when and where it’s requested or required), and making sure you’re keeping the area tidy. Imagine how you’d want your party to run, how you’d want your guests to behave, and work from there.

In other words, keep in mind the basic rules of etiquette, and you’ll be a fine guest. And, you’ll save yourself the difficulties of the hosting path. Of course, you’ll have far more control over the occasion if you dive into the difficult, dangerous world of hosting.


The first step is having a guest list, and a precise one, at that. Check for the wide variety of food intolerances or dietary requirements, and it helps to figure out some of the social ramifications of invitations before you set to it.

Of course, there’s such a thing as over-preparedness. This can actually limit the success of a party. The spontaneity, the “click” of an event is down to the patrons, not the hosts. Let things flow through as they will – with a rough schedule of when to eat, when a parlor game might happen, or if you’ll watch a film or flick on the fireworks, for instance. But don’t overdo it. Leave plenty of time for your guests to mingle, and look into the more tangible things you can get done.

Focus on the practical side. Is there enough food? Are there non-alcoholic options for those who don’t drink – are you going to provide alcohol at all? Depending on the proclivities of your guests, bear in mind how you can keep everyone safe and comfortable. And make sure there’s some way for everyone to get home at the end of the night – no one likes a surprise sleepover guest.

Making sure your plumbing and electrical are safe and functioning as they should is another big part of the preparation stage. It’s all about safety; get any niggling doubts cleared up by calling our experts on 1800 620 227 and arranging an inspection and repair before catastrophe strikes.


At any kind of party, some mess is almost guaranteed. Everything from a cracked wine glass to a spilled orange juice can be an annoyance. With some easy preparation, you can keep some of the more nuisance-level worries at bay.

First up is to use disposable plates, cutlery and glasses. Go for environmentally friendly recyclables to avoid filling up the landfill, but keep in mind the hours you’ll save slaving over the washing up. There’s really no way to lose.

Have bins set up clearly where people can see them – a bin hidden in a cupboard or under the kitchen sink simply won’t get used. A bin at the end of a drinks or food table can be a bit unsightly, but if it’s obvious enough, people will use it. This way you won’t be scraping up scraps for the next several years.

Lastly, do a thorough clean before guests arrive; schedule it a day prior in case of any early-partiers. This is a great chance to set up any contingencies for disaster: it’s also a good chance to check for any safety hazards.


The number one sign of a successful party is the request for the next one. There’s some easy ways to ensure that, even besides the usual dramas associated with gathering together any large group of people. Whether it’s a Christmas family event or a New Year’s Eve party, putting guests first makes for a better party.

Don’t get caught up in the finer details. Focus on the big picture stuff: is everyone well-fed, is there enough of whatever preferred drink to go around, is there music that’s going to keep the mood light – those sorts of things.

Make sure that, if kids are showing up, there’s suitable room and space, and maybe even activities (board games are a great start) for entertaining them. This will keep your hair much more firmly in place. Similarly, practice good conversational etiquette; no one likes a show-off, and as a host – of whatever event – your ability to listen and show interest in your guests will greatly impact the experience.

Seating arrangements, temperature control (it may well be sweltering!), alternate plans in case of rain; making sure things are comfortable for your guests is the top priority.


Okay, it may sound a little scary. Maybe next year you won’t have to go through it all again – but if you follow these simple tips, you’re more likely to end up with guests begging to come back.

We’re open throughout the holiday season, 24/7, so for any plumbing or electrical issues that might interrupt the flow of things, call us ASAP at 1800 620 227, or click here to book your job online. Remember: we repair what your husband fixed – except that broken champagne flute.

Don’t stress: look forward to the relaxed vibes of meeting up with old friends, and family members, and meeting new and interesting people. And have a great holiday season!

We wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t tell you to make sure your plumbing and electrical are safe and functioning as they should be. It’s all about safety; get any niggling doubts cleared up by calling our experts on 1800 620 227 and arranging an inspection and repair before catastrophe strikes.


We’ve done out best to make the steps above as simple as possible, but please bear in mind that the above information is general and is by no means a substitute for comprehensive professional advice. Before working on your home plumbing, you should always consult a licensed professional.

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